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Welcome to Patterson Handcrafted Guitars


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Patterson Handcrafted Guitars is a luthier owned, boutique-style music store and custom guitar design studio.Our retail shop is located at 106 S 6th Street 35901 in beautiful downtown Gadsden,an up-and-coming area of the city, which has been revitalized to highlight the historic buildings and appeal to the interests of creative, artistic personalities. Patterson Handcrafted Guitars is designed with those individuals in mind as well.

Our storefront has the feel of a blues-driven musicians' lounge, with carefully selected furnishings that allow the consumer to feel comfortable while testing the products. Inventory is carefully selected from the finely crafted and independent retailers and is displayed artistically throughout the shop. The workstation behind the counter is visible, as many customers enjoy observing as the luthier repairs the instruments. Patterson Handcrafted Guitars has been met with astounding interest, and we are dedicated to growing the business.

We offer our consumers a range of high-end, quality products that are not available in the surrounding area. Musicians have the opportunity to design a guitar unique to their own playing style and personality. In addition, top-quality repair and maintenance on existing instruments, private music lessons taught by the only the most qualified instructors, and consignment opportunities, instrument inspection/appraisals are additional services we provide.

We currently build only a limited number of guitars per year focusing on custom build quality rather than producing a large number of guitars.

Our goal is to handcraft the most beautiful and best-playing electric guitars this side of the Delta!

We work with each and every customer one on one through every aspect of the guitar making process.

The builder


I am a self taught luthier. I am an artist, a maker of things - I love to create beautiful objects that are also functional. As long as I can remember I have been sketching, painting, and creating things with my hands.My focus has always been fine craftsmanship.

Working in the construction industry most of my life is where I acquired many of the skills necessary for building guitars. I also developed an interest in music at an early age and began teaching myself to play. First percussion, then guitar. 2009 is when my passion for building things and my love for music would collide. I began building cigar box guitars in 2009,and in 2012 naturally progressed into building guitars. I have been a student of many schools of thought. I have gained a lot of knowledge and guidance from several fine luthiers. I never stop learning.

I seek the perfect balance between tone, playability, beauty and affordability. I strive to build guitars with superior balance in volume and tone, separation and sustain, with a powerful and unique presence. This is my approach to guitar building. craftsmanship combined with art, built with the musician in mind.


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It all starts with the tonewood selection!

The wood is hand selected for the perfect weight, look and tone. Choose from book-matched curly, quilted or birds-eye maple, figured poplar, ash and more.

At Patterson Handcrafted Guitars, Bodies can be solid or chambered for the ultimate comfort during long nights gigging out. Chambering is carefully planned to make sure the guitar is mechanically well-balanced.

Every piece of wood is kiln dried (to around 6%), then stored at the Patterson Handcrafted Guitar shop where it acclimates for several months in a “normal” environment. This assures stability throughout the build process and when the guitar is being used in real-world gigging situations.


neck neck neck wood

The neck is the soul of the guitar!

There are no CNC machines used here…every neck is carved by hand! Your specifications are met to within a couple thousandths of an inch for the perfect feel. Any neck, any size, any radius!

Not only does the neck feel awesome, we make it look awesome! Patterson Handcrafted Guitars offers a number of stunning options for our necks and bodies including:

All fret sizes are available.

The finish!

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Nitrocellulose or get out!

Virtually any solid color or transparent stain is available.

In the tradition of the most coveted, best sounding vintage instruments, we use an ultra-thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that allows the instrument to breath.

Strum a chord…you’ll hear it! It rings like a bell…And like fine wine, only gets better with age! The finish is meticulously hand sanded and then buffed to a beautiful satin or high gloss shine that looks amazing!